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Evergreen Cemetery


Keeper of Records, Lisa K. Gulliver, Clerk
Cemetery Sexton, Patricia Kitchin

Cemetery Map

The cemetery ordinance is currently being amended and will take some time for the changes to be adopted. The board made the following motion at our April meeting to allow artifical flowers in Evergreen Cemetery. The rest of the ordinance is still in affect.

Motion to allow artificial flowers affective immediately in approved containers, containers must be made of bronze, concrete, clay, steel, copper, marble or granite cannot be plastic or glass and no bigger than 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height in Evergreen cemetery:                       

Established in the 1880s, Evergreen Cemetery is located at 3456 E M-113 just east of the village of Kingsley on almost 10 acres bordered by farm fields. There are currently 1,078 plots holding 5,390 sites. Records are currently being updated and added to the cemetery database, which is an ongoing project that will preserve the history of those that are laid to rest here. Each person is researched thoroughly to provide the most accurate and complete information available. When this process is concluded, records will be available to the public on this site. In the meantime, please call the Paradise Township office at (231)263-5251 or email the sexton with any inquiries. If you would like the location of a person that is buried at Evergreen, please contact the office and a map of the cemetery with the requested plot highlighted will be sent to you.

Approximately 359 veterans are interred here. Records are verified, researched and  updated  as necessary. It is the desire ofanimated-usa-flag-image-0035 Paradise Township to properly recognize every veteran. If youanimated-usa-flag-image-0035  believe a veteran has been overlooked, please contact us with as much  information as possible so our records may be corrected.
 If you would like to order a veterans marker or headstone please complete this form and send it to the Township Clerk.  Veterans Marker Order Form.

All burials require a minimum of 48 hours' notice.

All burials and marker placements require the approval of Paradise Township. Please contact our office at (231)263-5251 for information on burials and stone marker placements. Any placements or other decorations placed without prior approval may be removed. Correct locations for burials and markers must be verified and marked by the Cemetery Sexton. Individual sites measure 4' x 10'.  Decorations, plantings, and markers must be specifically located within this area to allow for maintaining the grounds, and may not encroach onto adjoining sites. (Please refer to Cemetery Ordinance link above left)

Planting of trees or shrubs must be approved by the Cemetery Sexton or Township.   Any unauthorized plantings will be removed. The grounds are walked and inspected frequently. Throughout the year, Cemetery staff reserve the right to remove any plantings or decorations that are deemed unsightly, weathered, broken or that interfere with the maintenance of the grounds. Please contact the Cemetery Sexton with any questions or concerns at (231) 263-5251 or via email at email

Plot ownership:  Purchase of a site grants rights of burial to the buyer. This does not refer to the sale of the land. Paradise Township retains ownership of the property. Unused sites may be sold back to the Township by the owner listed in our records at the original cost of purchase. Ownership may be added or transferred by submitting a dated written request that has been signed by the owner indicating the plot and gravesite number(s) to be transferred, along with the name and addresses of the person(s) to add or transfer to, either in person or by mail to the Paradise Township Clerk. Proof of ownership will then be given to the new owners. 

Gravesite prices are as follows:
Paradise Township residents $250.00
All Others $400.00

Grave Opening/Closing Prices:
Cremation Burials in regular cemetery plots (excavation only) - $175.00 
Full Burials (excavation only) - $475.00

Cemetery grounds will be CLOSED during the winter months. The gates will be locked and no motor vehicle entry will be permitted during this time. There is a walk-through at the west gate. The exact dates of closing and opening will be determined by the weather, but a general guideline will be from November through March. 

**If you would like to clean your headstone, try this simple mixture:
1/2 gallon water, 1 Tablespoon liquid bleach, 1  1/2 teaspoons dish soap. Mix together, spray on the headstone, let sit for 5-10 minutes, then use a soft bristle brush or rag to remove moss and other stains. ~ Thank you to Vera Nickerson for this recipe.

Records Information

Paradise Township has a small collection of historical records including Township Records dating back to the 1880s, Evergreen Cemetery Burial Records, and some birth and death records dating from the 1880s to 1951. Please contact the Township via e-mail at or phone at (231) 263-5251 to submit any requests for information. Please provide as much information as possible when requesting information on a specific individual. Thank you!