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Employment Opportunities


Paradise Township is looking to hire a part time Zoning Administrator. The ideal candidate will have minimum 2 years experience in Zoning. This individual will be expected to demonstrate the following job characteristics: strong self-motivation, critical thinking, detail oriented, work independently, well organized, excellent communicator, and able to complete projects in a timely manner.

Please include  wage or fee structure. The township office is open Tuesday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., but schedule flexibility is a bonus!  Please see attached job description. Ideally, the candidate will work 1-2 days per week at the Paradise Township Office located at 2300 E. M-113, Kingsley, MI 49649.  

Paradise Township is located in southern Grand Traverse County.  Paradise Township is mostly rural. It comprises farmland, forests, and state land.  The majority of commercial and industrial land is centered in or around the Village of Kingsley and the unincorporated Village of Mayfield. Outdoor and recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, boating and camping are very popular with residents and visitors in our area.

Please submit your cover letter and resume via email to 

Paradise Emergency Services is currently accepting applications for a part time  Firefighter/EMT. 
Firefighter/EMT Job Description


The application should be sent to the Township Clerk at 2300 E M 113 Kingsley Mi 49649 or emailed to